Fuse Programming language

A typed fusion of Lua dialects that can compile into any Lua-like runtime(including multiple Lua versions, luaJIT, and luau).

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What is Fuse?

Fuse is a gradually typed dialect of Lua written in the Rust language, Relation between Fuse and Lua is similar to what Typescript is to JavaScript, Scala to Java, Sorbet to Ruby and Hack to PHP; The Fuse compiler is written in the Rust language with a high priority on the compilation speed!

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Lua's being small and easily embadable phlosophy comes with a lot of upsides in making the code portable but It has one big downside, Lua cannot have complex features since it has a single pass compiler! Fuse helps with bringing more modern features, types, and an extended runtime containing better data structures to easily adopt in your programs!


Fuse works as a compilation step, It will get compiled down into the selected target language and will generate highly readable, highly optimized code which lets us add a lot of features without the support in the underlying language!


Fuse comes with a procedural macro system, It is operating on the AST level and would let us do meta programming right within our code.